Android Apps with Rich UI | UX

We develop high quality Apps with Rich User Experience which command high user retention! We are the best in Western/Southern India!

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Web Apps with SEO support

We develop Web 2.0 websites | apps of extremely high quallity. Many highly successful customer facing websites have been our clients!

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Big Data & Analytics

Today, enterprises and individuals are generating exabytes of data. Analytics is at its best use when operated on such large data sets. Then, when analytics is integrated into Financial Instruments, the resulting simplified decision making process, helps executives focus on issues which matter most for the growth of the product and company!

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Cloud Computing
Our expertize: We offer public, private and managed cloud computing services and help you decide the right model i.e. Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), or Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).
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Embedded Systems
Our expertize: Board bringup, BSP support including toolchains, uboot, linux, simulators, custom applications development, custom board design, COTS solutions etc.
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Industrial Automation
Distributed Control Systems (DCS), Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems (SCADA), Remote Monitoring Systems, Green Energy Systems, Industrial Communication Systems, Security and Identification Systems.
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Image Processing
Augmented Reality, Medical Visualization, Face detection, Computer Vision, Optical sorting, Feature detection, Remote sensing and terrain mapping, Machines and Robotics
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Medical Visualization

Medvision, a comprehensive Medical Visualization product, supports various imaging modalities, both DICOM and non-DICOM. 

  • DICOM modalities: Medical Resonance Imaging (MRI), Nuclear Medicine, X-Ray, Ultrasound.
  • Non-DICOM modalities: Conventional X-Ray, Angiography, Endoscopy
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Sovilo Technologies is a leading provider of information technology, business consulting, engineering and outsourcing services. Like Sowilo - the rune of the sun, "Seeding Super O Value (SOV)"  is our guiding philosophy; motivating us to deliver intrinsically higher quality and value in our products and services and thus forging relationships of commitment, trust and success with our clients.  Read more ...

Sovilo team's creativity emerges from the sharp observations with clear thinking about how to bring concrete creation from abstract imagination. Creativity leads to quality. We know how to understand our customers' requirements and give shape to their ideas. We innovate new and better ways to accomplish the seemingly complex projects.

Primarily, Sovilo offers a wide array of technology consulting and services to its customers.  Sovilo's mantra is "Seeding Super O Value"; essentially seeding high value creation for all its stakeholders; from customers to employees to enterprises and consumers.



Delivering intrinsically higher quality and value in our products and services.
Forging relationships of commitment, trust and success!!

Sovilo Technologies Pvt Ltd
We are so passionate, vigourous, obsessive and finicky about quality!

Look upto Sovilo when you have to build a completely custom, designed-from-scratch product or project or you want to build COTS h/w and s/w based solution with a requirement to integrate into your System or Application Architecture. We are masters in cutting-edge technologies including next generation embedded systems, automation, imaging, cloud, web, mobile and other technologies. We have advanced level of expertize in marrying off multiple technologies and provide the services in the form you expect with a cost factor in your budget. Read more ....

Clients/Customers First

Customer Satisfication Guaranteed!

We are ranked number 1 in high quality Android App development segment. With 1.5 lakhs app releases so far, it puts us way ahead of the competitors. We help our clients & customers augment their horizon past their time and space to bring optimal productivity in multiple technology domains. We bring high value to them in every possible way! It is just a matter of time when they  realize how an association with Sovilo brings immense quality and edge to their products and services. 


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We value the relationships!

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We utilize our expertize in various technologies to develop market leading products and provide quality services to our clients.

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Our Clients & Vendors

We value the relationships!

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